Our production

We are good at producing. As business owners in Gnosjö we share the sense of development, cooperation, efficiency and quality that characterizes the district's business.
Come to us with your requirements already at the conceptual stage. We undertake everything from the technical description of the finished product. Our short lead times from design to finished product is something we are proud of.


Our machinery is constantly renewed. As a complete supplier of sheet metal and wire, we carry automatic pressing up to 315 tons, eccentric presses, robotic welding, deep drawing of sheet metal and wire bending. It requires high technical competence and flexibility in manufacturing. Therefore, develop and customize our production tools according to customer needs. Our machinery is wide - we have everything from eccentric and automatic presses for hydraulic presses for deep drawing up to 160 tons, welding robots, wire bending machines, spot welds, will welds and butt welds. Our well-equipped machinery makes it safe to use us.

Automatic pressing

In our machine hall we have 11 pieces of automatic press lines with a capacity from 40 tons to 315 tons. All the presses are equipped with the latest guides in press technology.
We can handle sheet thicknesses up to 6 mm and bandwidth up to 650 mm.

Manual compression

For smaller series and post-processing, we also offer manual compression.

Robot welding

To be a complete manufacturer of sheet metal components, we also offer robotic welding in our 6-axis ABB robots.

Laser cutting

At prototyping and small series, we offer laser cutting in our modern laser plane.

Our plan laser is unique in that it can handle sheet metal formats up to 4000 x 2000 mm.
The capacity of the plate thickness is 25 mm.

Wire Bending

In wire bending we offer both automatic and manual compression bending.


We are a complete system supplier, from drawing to finished products.

  • Threading
  • Milling
  • Manual welding
  • Edge Bending
  • Surface treatment
  • Final Testing of products